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Current Team

Rama Mwenesi Rama Mwenesi
  • Visionary & Founder
  • Graduate Student, Engineering & UMHS Fellow
  • rmwenesi@umich.edu || LinkedIn
  • Rama has served as the lead and visionary for E-MAGINE since his freshman year of college in 2009. Starting off as a "simple" idea, E-MAGINE then grew into an academic project, thriving student organization on campus, and finally the student-run startup it is today. Rama is a member of several entrepreneurial, technology, and education-development activities both locally in the United States and in his home country of Kenya. Having grown up in Kenya, South Africa and the United States Rama is currently completing a Master’s in Industrial & Operations Engineering at U-M and aims to transition into a PhD program integrating Engineering, Medicine, and Public Health Policy.

Carrie Tamarelli Carrie Tamarelli
  • Clinical Healthcare Lead
  • Graduate Student, Medicine
  • carriemt@umich.edu || LinkedIn
  • Carrie completed her BSE at U-M in Material Science Engineering and is now a second year medical student within the global-health-development programme. As an undergraduate Carrie led the student organization M-HEAL and over the years has sine gained experience in clinical research domestically and also international development work in Nicaragua, Ghana and Kenya, with a focus on design and women’s health.

Prof. Darren McKague Prof. Darren McKague
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Atmospheric Oceanic & Space Sciences Engineering
  • dmckague@umich.edu
  • Dr. Darren McKague is a renowned faculty and researcher from U-M who has served as E-MAGINE’s faculty advisor and Number One Supporter since day one. Through his research Dr. McKague has coordinated the design, development, and deployment of numerous satellites and other innovations into space, and has been instrumental in helping us get our technologies out into the world. Our faculty advisors have continued to provide the mentorship, support and networks that have enabled E-MAGINE to transform into what it is today and prepare for what it may be tomorrow!

Dr. Daniel Clauw Dr. Daniel Clauw (M.D.)
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Anesthesiology, Medicine, Clinical Research
  • dclauw@umich.edu
  • Dr. Daniel Clauw (M.D.) is also a world renowned faculty and researcher from U-M who has served as E-MAGINE’s advisor and Number One Supporter since day one. Dr. Clauw’s experience in clinical and translational research has guided our transition into developing rural & off-the-grid ICT innovations for healthcare development, the future of E-MAGINE.

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