Recruitment Process (For U-M students)

At the heart of the E-MAGINE Team is the Active Member Base which is the key driver to the organization's vision & mission. Joining as an Active Member involves the simple completion of a two step process. Each one is designed to help you decide if E-MAGINE is for you and for us to assess how you can best contribute to the organization's cause.

The Two Steps

Thereafter, you will have the opportunity to address any outstanding questions you may have with the Executive Board and officially become an Active Member!

Ready to Begin?

At E-MAGINE we take pride in our members being driven, self-motivated and passionate about our cause. Our recruitment process may seem lengthy to some, but it is designed to ensure that our team is as strong, motivated and cohesive as possible. If you would like to become a part of our team please take a few minutes to complete our online application.

Click here for the application